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Logistics delivered through innovation and dedication

SRM Logistics operates a night parts-flow logistics service to engineers across all areas of the UK including South Wales, South-West England, The Midlands, North England and Scotland. As well as these locations, our distribution services are also available in Europe and on a worldwide scale.


Since establishing in 2005, we are proud to continually work with an array of businesses across a number of industries such as manufacturing, medical, telecommunication, construction, education, automotive and many more.

In addition to the extensive use of our tracking system which monitors all deliveries we undertake, the SRM Logistics team works tirelessly to deliver a highly efficient, flexible, punctual and cost effective service to give each and every one of our clients the peace of mind they need in knowing their operational flow can continue as smooth as possible.


Our Services


Same-Day Delivery

Thanks to our efficient and highly-coordinated operation, we are allowed the flexibility to fulfill your order and deliver on the same day of purchase when possible.

Our same-day delivery service applies to all our delivery methods, and can be used for a load of any size, be it a small parcel or full freight. Availability can be discussed when you are placing your order.

Pallet Work

Simplifying the handling and storing of goods, our pallet service ensures your items are properly organised, safe and secure throughout the entire delivery process.

Offering next-day and economy pallet deliveries, among others, we are able to successfully facilitate palletised goods distribution with full satisfaction for cargo loads of all sizes.

Tail Lifts

With tail lifts available, we can assist with the loading and unloading of goods from different surface levels, such as the floor to the bed of the van and many more.

Ideal for maneuvering multiple pallets and heavy or awkwardly-shaped goods, our tail lifts provide many businesses, such as those with large warehouses, with an accessible solution for loading their storage units.

Curtain Side Vehicles

Perfect for accommodating goods which are large in dimension but still require cover, we have multiple curtain side vans which can facilitate the convenient transport of a variety of cargo types.

Ease of access via manual loading or forklift ensures all items to be transported are handled with care and appropriately stored throughout the entire process, preserving any desired condition.

Simple Parcel Delivery

Not all businesses and individuals have a large cargo to deliver. With this in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer simple parcel delivery, so if you need a smaller amount of goods transported, you will still receive the quality service you deserve.

Our flexible workflow means the timings, as well as location, of any simple parcel deliveries can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Freight Transport

Transporting goods in bulk is no issue. With our freight service, you can rest assured your cargo will go from point to point as smooth as possible.


Regardless of whether you have a small, part or full load, we optimise our freight transport to ensure deliveries are made in a timely manner and handled appropriately, all whilst remaining economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dedicated Three-and-a-Half-Tonne Vehicles

Mercedes Sprinters

Volkswagen Crafters


Here's what our happy customers have to say about us

“SRM Logistics provide us with a variety of services on a regular basis such as freight transport and same-day delivery. We can always count on SRM Logistics to run a well-oiled operation and deliver on time. A pleasure to work with.”

Raz Shakur - Operations Manager, Rico Logistics

Our Partners

Our Partners

Examples of some of our clients

SRM Logistics Services Partner UPS
SRM Logistics Service UK Partner FedEx
SRM Logstics Service Swansea Partner Ospreys Rugby Wales
SRM Logistics Service UK Partner Rico Logistics SCS
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Contact Us

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